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Pitt Meadows is located in the Lower Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver. It is a primarily agricultural area, situated on the north side of the Fraser River at its junction with the Pitt River. The City is also bisected by the two arms of the Alouette River, along with some other sloughs and waterways.  As a primarily residential area, approximately 85% of Pitt Meadows residents commute to work beyond its borders.

In addition to the commercial activity that already exists in Pitt Meadows, a new retail shopping center, Meadowtown Centre, has been built on the border with Maple Ridge. 

Pitt Lake, on the City's northern boundary, is the largest tidal lake in North America.  Pitt Meadows is considered the "Gateway" to the Fraser Valley and is forty minutes by West Coast Express passenger train service and one hour by car from Vancouver's downtown area.

In Pitt Meadows, there are cultural, recreation and other community facilities and public uses in the Civic Centre, the Town Centre, and the Sawyer’s Landing Waterfront Village. River access park areas provide an active and passive method, parking, viewpoints, and picnic use. There are public sports facilities, open spaces, trails and bike paths, protected natural areas and recreational programs. Indoor recreational facilities in Pitt Meadows include a recreation center and ice skating rinks. 

Click map for more detailed information about Pitt Meadows, BC.

Click map for more detailed information about Pitt Meadows, BC.

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